Mystery Audits of Sherpa supermarkets


  • Mystery shoppers are sent into each Sherpa shop to measure the quality of customer service using evaluation criteria.
  • The mystery shopper report enables shop management to identify their strengths and areas for progress, and thus to improve the quality of customer service.

As well as being an effective management method, it is an excellent way of building customer loyalty.


Mystery audits

Professionals (Quantitude’s salaried auditors specifically recruited for this mission) take on the role of customer and test the quality of service and performance of in-store staff according to a brief and a precise scenario. They fill in an evaluation grid, known as the mystery shopper grid, which helps to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Mystery shopper audit including:

  • Exterior environment & signage
  • Interior environment and storage
  • Customer welcome in the shopping aisles
  • Product advice interview
  • Audit of self-service departments
  • Checkout, payment and loyalty

Sample: 110 Sherpa shops audited, spread over 4 geographical areas : Northern Alps, Southern Alps, Jura, Pyrenees.

rayon fruit et légume d'un super marché

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